Latest cases

February 2024

Digital Dubai: Making Dubai the Digital Capital of the World

By Julian Birkinshaw, Neil King

When the Dubai Government announced in 2021 that it had processed its last-ever paper transaction, becoming the first government in the world to go paperless, it completed a 20-year journey of digital transformation that changed people’s lives across the emirate fundamentally. Since launching i...

December 2023

The Carzaty Journey

By Muhammed Mekki, Natasha Wallace

The Carzaty case starts at a pivotal point in the start-up’s story. It is 2021 and co-founders Hassan Jaffar and Marwan Chaar are preparing to scale up their online used car business they started in Oman. With the backing of investors, they are confident that threefold growth will be realised with...

December 2023

citizenM: Radical innovation in the hotel industry (Chinese language)

By Freek Vermeulen

In 2008, a group of five entrepreneurs and executives teamed up to launch an innovative hotel chain into what seemed like a highly competitive industry. Rattan Chadha, the founder of fashion company MEXX and Michael Levie, a hotel industry veteran, teamed up with Hans Meyer, a hotel development spec...

December 2023

Satya Nadella at Microsoft: Instilling a Growth Mindset (French language)

By Herminia Ibarra, Aneeta Rattan

When Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft in 2014, he inherited a firm fading toward irrelevance, plagued by internal fights and inertia. Earlier that year his wife, Anu, had given him a best-selling book by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck entitled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, su...

November 2023

Intel Case (A): 1968-1985

By Freek Vermeulen

This case series describes the growth journey of Intel from its launch in 1968 in Santa Clara, California to 2019 under the leadership of its various CEOs. Intel first became a leader in semiconductor memory by pioneering new technology that allowed it to increase the number of circuits on a chip wh...