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Santiago Artemis: Growing a Luxury Brand and Business

By Nader Tavassoli, Diego Aparicio, Carolina Ines Pan


Five years after the debut of his Netflix series – and on the eve of the launch of its sequel – fashion designer Santiago Navarro finds himself and his brand, Artemis, at a critical juncture. Unless he develops a sustainable growth strategy for the business, Artemis is in danger of languishing as an Argentinian niche brand, lacking economies of scale and scope. The case outlines several potential paths for growth in terms of target audiences, price points and product mixes, with each strategic alternative requiring a different business model and all requiring the brand to be more clearly defined and codified.

Learning objectives

  1. Illustrate a unique business model and marketing approach
  2. Explore how a horizontally and vertically differentiated brand image (DNA) can be built from the inside out
  3. Develop a systematic framework to evaluate a company’s portfolio strategy


Publication Date: April 2024
LBS Case Code: CS-24-021
Subjects: , , , , ,
Geography: ,
Pages: 10
Format: pdf