April 2024

Santiago Artemis: Growing a Luxury Brand and Business

By Nader Tavassoli, Diego Aparicio, Carolina Ines Pan

Five years after the debut of his Netflix series ā€“ and on the eve of the launch of its sequel ā€“ fashion designer Santiago Navarro finds himself and his brand, Artemis, at a critical juncture. Unless he develops a sustainable growth strategy for the business, Artemis is in danger of languishing a...

October 2023

Gucci in the Metaverse

By Stefano Turconi, Umberto Lobina

Set in April 2022, the case chronicles how Kering-owned luxury-fashion house Gucci underwent a comprehensive creative and cultural transformation, making it more inclusive, agile and digital. Faced with the emergence of the metaverse, Gucci decided to take the lead, bargaining that a test-and-learn ...