Management consultancy

November 2019


By John Mullins

Erick Mueller was thrilled! The fledging company that he and two friends had started a few months earlier had been the widely acknowledged ‘hit’ of the 2007 IAAPA Attractions Expo, a trade show in Orlando, Florida that brought together more than 1,100 exhibitors and nearly 20,000 buyers from mos...

November 2021

MOVE Guides (C)

By John Mullins, Tiffany Putimahtama

Having decided to go where her customers wanted to take her, CEO Brynne Kennedy had led MOVE Guides into the managed-moves market segment, in addition to the lump-sum moves segment that had given her company its start. By any measure, the company had grown: in top-line revenue, in head count, and (t...

November 2021

MOVE Guides (B)

By John Mullins, Tiffany Putimahtama

It was August 2014. The MOVE Guides team had successfully converted two of their initial pilot clients into paying customers whose employees were delighted with the company’s support of their moves.  Brynne Kennedy and her team were successfully closing a couple of additional lump-sum clients reg...

November 2021

MOVE Guides (A)

By John Mullins, Tiffany Putimahtama

It was a crisp autumn day in London in 2012. Brynne Kennedy and Steve Black, the co-founders of MOVE Guides, were huddling with their lead software developer, Peter Almasi, and their lead angel investor, Kevin Eyres. Their fledgling business had come a long way since its July launch, with pilot prog...

April 2019

Clarasys: Born Agile by Taking Groups Seriously

By Randall Peterson

In March 2015, London-based management consultancy Clarasys found itself in crisis. Established in 2011, the company had experienced consistent growth since foundation and had expanded staffing levels to service new business accordingly. But it was still in start-up phase and a perfect storm of even...

January 2016

Eden McCallum: Consulting Redefined

By Freek Vermeulen

Eden McCallum is a Management Consulting firm founded by two ex-McKinsey partners. It has offices in London, Amsterdam and Zurich, and is planning further expansion. The company is founded using a distinctive new business model, based on operating a pool of experienced, freelance consultants. Hence,...