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MOVE Guides (A)

By John Mullins, Tiffany Putimahtama


It was a crisp autumn day in London in 2012. Brynne Kennedy and Steve Black, the co-founders of MOVE Guides, were huddling with their lead software developer, Peter Almasi, and their lead angel investor, Kevin Eyres. Their fledgling business had come a long way since its July launch, with pilot programmes underway at Amazon, Tesco and Oliver Wyman. With limited resources in terms of cash and people, they were wrestling with a crucial decision about how best to proceed with their dream of taking the hassle out of the process of corporate moves – hassle that was acutely felt not only by those moving, but also by the HR professionals tasked with administering the moves.

Learning objectives

  1. Discover six keys that underlie many successful disruptive innovations
  2. Understand that disruptive innovation is a particular type of innovation that differs from other types, and which brings a different set of benefits to the disruptor
  3. Apply Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation to assess whether a particular innovation is ‘disruptive’, as defined by Christensen
  4. Understand the drawbacks of taking venture capital funding too early or from the wrong investor
  5. Illustrate the potential challenges in building an online marketplace to connect users with service providers


Publication Date: November 2021
LBS Case Code: CS-19-007
Subjects: , , , ,
Pages: 13
Format: pdf