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Treeapp: Plant a tree for free, every day

By Ioannis Ioannou


The case describes the launch in the UK and Ireland in April 2020 of the mobile app Treeapp, intended to help combat the effects of climate change by enabling users to plant trees for free. The app is funded by Treeapp’s brand partners, who pay £1 to Treeapp every time a user watches an advert on their phone. Part of the payment goes to NGOs around the world who manage tree-planting projects.

Learning objectives

1. Understand the ‘business’ problem that Treeapp is trying to solve.

2. Illustrate how a platform business model works in the environmental-impact sector.

3. Identify the enablers of and barriers to growth for an early-stage startup in the sector.

4. Recognise the trade-offs between achieving scale and remaining true to the founding vision in scaling a ‘purpose-led’ business.


Publication Date: September 2021
LBS Case Code: CS-21-012
Subjects: , , ,
Geography: , ,
Pages: 19
Format: pdf