Latest cases

September 2023

Desso (A): Taking on the Sustainability Challenge (Portuguese language)

By Ioannis Ioannou, Amandine Ody-Brasier

This is part of a case series. This case describes the strategic transformation of DESSO, a Dutch manufacturer of carpet tiles and flooring solutions. The first part of the case describes the difficult situation in which the company found itself in the early 2000s, following a series of changes in o...

October 2023

De Beers: Reverse-disrupting the Diamond Industry

By Stefano Turconi, Thomas Horton, Minerva Rojanapenkul

Set in September 2018, the case describes De Beers’ attempt to halt the escalating disruption to its core business posed by diamonds grown in laboratories. Since its inception over a century ago, De Beers had created and nurtured the perception of diamonds as rare objects and exclusive symbols of ...

October 2023

Gucci in the Metaverse

By Stefano Turconi, Umberto Lobina

Set in April 2022, the case chronicles how Kering-owned luxury-fashion house Gucci underwent a comprehensive creative and cultural transformation, making it more inclusive, agile and digital. Faced with the emergence of the metaverse, Gucci decided to take the lead, bargaining that a test-and-learn ...

August 2023

Stepping out of lockdown: Launching a footwear brand during a pandemic

By Claudia Yoshinaga, Elisa Larroudé, John Mullins

Marina LarroudĂ© stared glumly at all the crossings out on the proposed boots order for the autumn collection. Her husband Ricardo wanted to cut her suggestions by nearly half – in models, colours and quantities. Their fledgling shoe business had begun to a promising buzz a few months ago, but las...

July 2023

Alessandro Riccombeni Case A: Lessons in leadership

By Randall Peterson, Nick Mickshik

This case is aimed at helping executives understand the reasons why they may ‘derail’ when promoted to a new position or when they secure a new job that does not accord with their expectations of it. Case A describes the situation Alessandro Riccombeni found himself in when, having seemingly se...