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Zensar Technologies

By Julian Birkinshaw, Tanvi Deshpande


The case study describes the digital transformation of Zensar Technologies Ltd. under CEO Sandeep Kishore.

Zensar was a mid-tier IT services company based in Pune, India; profitable and successful but without any obvious differentiating features and with relatively weak growth. On his arrival in 2016, Kishore made a series of important strategic shifts, first of all narrowing the company’s focus to three country markets and three industry segments, then pushing growth in higher-value-added digital services.

The case ends in 2020 with the transformation process still incomplete. Good progress has been made, but there is still a gap between the new positioning and Kishore’s strategic intent on the one hand, and the reality of Zensar’s performance on the other. Students are asked to assess how successful Kishore has been and what he should do next.

Learning objectives

  1. How much progress has Zensar made on its digital transformation programme? Be as specific as you can: in which areas has it been most effective, and in which areas does it face the biggest challenges?
  2. What advice would you give Sandeep Kishore and his team to help them accelerate their digital transformation?



Publication Date: June 2020
LBS Case Code: CS-20-016
Subjects: , ,
Pages: 18
Format: pdf