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Yulife: Redefining Life Insurance

By Julian Birkinshaw, Ken Mark


Yulife is a digital-first life insurance and rewards company that is seeking to disrupt the centuries-old life insurance market. Its founders are a combination of insurance industry veterans and executives in finance, wealth management and gaming. The challenge the company faces is that it cannot go to market alone: it has to work in some capacity with industry incumbents to achieve the growth it seeks.

Learning objectives

Students are asked to consider the following assignment questions:

1. What are the challenges yulife faces in trying to create a new offering in the insurance market?
2. Which partner and technology choices should yulife make and why?
3. What challenges do you anticipate yulife facing as it implements its chosen strategy?


Publication Date: April 2019
LBS Case Code: CS-19-015
Subjects: , ,
Pages: 19
Format: pdf