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The European Super League

By Chris Voss, Fabio Puntillo


This case study describes the situation three days after the ill-fated launch of the European Super League (ESL). It can be used in a number of ways. This includes exploring the differences between US sports business models and those of European football; the strategy of the ESL and the possible misjudgements that it made, the dynamics of competition at the top level of European football, the governance of football, and the growing role of media in sport.

Learning objectives

  1. What are the key elements of the ESL business model? How does it differ from the traditional European model?
  2. Why should the ESL be attractive to the founding clubs?
  3. How would it impact:
    1. UEFA and its competitions?
    2. Other top-level clubs?
    3. National football Leagues?


Publication Date: October 2021
LBS Case Code: CS-21-014
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Subjects: , ,
Pages: 13
Format: pdf