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Red Bull Spreads its Wiiings

By Nader Tavassoli


Thirty-five years after its founding, the Red Bull energy drinks business continued to show strong growth globally. Over the years, the company had expanded its product line with different variants, such as sugar-free and flavoured Editions. More recently, the company had launched a sub-branded The Organics by Red Bull range that sat outside the energy-drinks category, and the AlphaTauri functional-fashion brand. The company had renamed one of its two F1 teams Scuderia AlphaTauri to provide a unique promotional platform for the fledgling fashion brand; one that was overtly endorsed by Red Bull. The case provides a basis for discussing the (dis)synergies between Red Bull and these extensions from a brand, consumer, and marketing perspective.

An extensive set of PowerPoint (PPT) teaching slides that include 7 different videos – a Red Bull brand purpose video, cartoon medley, Flugtag commercial, Soap Box Race commercial, Backyard Digger (BMX), former UK CMO interview, the AlphaTauri launch – are available to Educators from

Learning objectives

  1. Understand Red Bull’s unique marketing approach
  2. Evaluate company portfolio strategy
  3. Evaluate strategic brand-architecture choices
  4. Understand the dynamics of creating and owning a new sub-category
  5. Learn how to build brand desirability and client engagement


Publication Date: September 2022
LBS Case Code: CS-22-016
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Pages: 10
Format: pdf