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Pret A Manger (A-D)

By Rupert Merson


This case series takes us through the story of Pret A Manger, one of the first up-market sandwich bar chains in London. The series explores the founding of a business as an entrepreneurial venture and then its growth both nationally and internationally and the problems this brings. It touches on managerial issues, external investment and the decision points that founders and management have to make. Case (A) documents the first decade, 1987-1997, from the founding of a single shop in London to slow but steady growth with a handful of shops outside London. Case (B) follows the years 1998-2002 as the business started to struggle with its own successful growth, both nationally and internationally. Case (C) picks up in 2003-2007, with major changes leading to a turnaround of the business. Case (D) takes the story from 2007-2011, post the successful turnaround. The founders decided to sell, but this was the period of the global economic crisis and business was tough, as was selling. Pret A Manger was sold, however, and the rest of the case follows the subsequent story and continued expansion.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand how to managing a growing business.
  2. Recognise classic growth themes and develop a thorough picture of introductory, growth-related themes and how to manage them.
  3. Understand how to build management teams for executive audiences.
  4. Gain insight into successful entrepreneurship.
  5. Gain insight into successful company turnaround.


Publication Date: August 2018
LBS Case Code: CS-05-027
Subjects: , ,
Geography: ,
Pages: 23
Format: pdf