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Nokia Siemens Networks: Branding a Global Merger from the Inside Out

By Simona Botti, Nader Tavassoli, Gudrun Herrmann


A handful of global players dominated the telecommunications infrastructure industry in 2007. The benefits to scale were significant: substantial funding requirements were necessary to sustain continuous innovation and development of networks, products and services; key customers themselves were globalising (e.g., operators such as TelefĆ³nica and Vodafone); and low-price competition from Asia (e.g., Huawai) increased pressures towards consolidation. In 2006, French Alcatel and the US firm Lucent Technologies joined forces and in 2007 Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) was established.

Learning objectives

The main learning objectives are:

1. Investigate the strategic importance of the internal delivery of the brand positioning (employer branding).
2. Examine the implementation of employer branding through the 6As change-management framework.
3. Understand the difference between employee and employer branding.
4. Discuss the importance of the cross-functional coordination between HR and marketing in employee branding as well as the alignment of organisational values and brand values.
5. Show how brand-led change can be used to facilitate cultural integration in a merger.


Publication Date: October 2013
LBS Case Code: CS-13-019
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Geography: , ,
Pages: 15
Format: pdf