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innocent Drinks: Maintaining Socially Responsible Values During Growth (A)

By Celia Moore, Luis Fischer, Mike McCarthy


This is part of a case series. This case explores the process a social venture went through in raising funds to expand its business. The case focuses on the risks and opportunities of possible funding methods, and actions that can be taken to protect key values throughout the process. The case provides an opportunity to debate the challenges involved in growing socially responsible businesses, how social responsibility can be embedded in a company’s value chain, and whether corporate size benefits or constrains an organization’s ability to operate in a socially responsible way.

Learning objectives

  1. Highlight the importance of values in a ‘social venture’ (one with strong ethical values) and how they are integral to business strategy.
  2. Show the potential options available to such a venture in raising funds to expand the business.
  3. Highlight the risks involved in various funding methods and the actions that can be taken to protect key values.
  4. Understand how strong brand values can create commercial advantage and how acting in congruence with established values can attract and reinforce consumer loyalty.


Publication Date: November 2012
LBS Case Code: CS-12-010
Subjects: , , ,
Pages: 8
Format: pdf