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Finance for Entrepreneurial Companies: Financing Instruments – Technical Note

By John Mullins, Robert M Johnson, Steve Pesenti


Despite today’s growing attention to bootstrapping and the use of customer funding in the financing of new ventures, many new ventures, be they a startup or a plan to grow an existing business, will require some initial injection of capital to finance the fixed assets, working capital, and operating expenses needed to pursue the opportunity. Although the entrepreneur will make projections of such costs and of future cash flow and profitability, these forecasts will be uncertain. Any proposed method of financing needs to allow for these uncertainties.

Learning objectives

  1. Understanding financial structure.
  2. Understanding the appropriate financial instruments.
  3. Understanding of the sort of financing that will be required.


Publication Date: February 2021
LBS Case Code: TCN-21-001
Subjects: , , , ,
Pages: 13
Format: pdf