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Feedr (A)

By Gary Dushnitsky, Kathryn Larin


The case describes the journey of Riya Grover and Lyz Swanton as they launched, scaled and sold London-based startup Feedr during the second half of 2010. Feedr provided nutritionally healthy food to the workplace by leveraging technology to drive personalisation in choice and scale.

Case A follows the female founders as they pursue their first fundraising. The goal was to build a B2B2C platform offering workplaces a set of curated healthy food offerings from selected vendors. The case provides insights into Feedr’s unique selling proposition (USP) in the face of successful scale-ups such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and others. The majority of the case focuses on the fundraising process and the science and practice that goes into setting the valuation of a seed-stage startup.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the limitation of traditional valuation techniques in the context of nascent business opportunities.
  2. Provide the rationale and tools used in the venture-capital method. 3.
  3. Explain basic venture-capital terminology and how it is used in practice. 4.
  4. Introduce the concept of the ‘funding buffet’ and identify the different investors and key considerations and processes associated with engaging them.


Publication Date: September 2022
LBS Case Code: CS-21-005
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Pages: 12
Format: pdf