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Enel S.p.A.: A Traditional Utility Embraces the Digital Revolution

By Julian Birkinshaw, Ken Mark


The case study describes the digital transformation of Enel under the leadership of Francesco Starace from 2014 to 2019. Enel is one of Europe’s largest utilities, providing electricity to 71 million customers across Europe and South America. It is also an impressive success story. At the time the case is set (June 2020), its market cap of €75 billion was far higher than that of its competitors, thanks in large part to Starace’s push into renewable energy and digital technologies.

Learning objectives

  1. Considering all the different aspects of being a digital company, where has Enel made the most progress, and where has it made the least? Please identify at least five different aspects and rank-order them.
  2. What advice would you give Francesco Starace and his team to help them accelerate their digital transformation?


Publication Date: June 2020
LBS Case Code: CS-20-008
Subjects: , ,
Industry: ,
Pages: 17
Format: pdf