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Main case New 2022/2023

Cree (A)

By John Mullins, Elizabeth Philp


Hubert Rhomberg was contemplating the wall of photographs at the entrance to the headquarters of his family business, Rhomberg. They showed the history of the company and his forefathers. With such rich heritage, should he really be pushing for innovation so strongly? But if he didn’t, he would be putting this all at risk. “Too many people wait for the burning platform,” he thought. “Isn’t it best to prepare for the future whilst you still have time?”

Learning objectives

  1. Examine some of the inevitable challenges in changing old unsustainable patterns to more sustainable ones.
  2. Explore why organisations and those within them resist change.
  3. Analyse the stages that lead to impact and where a particular venture falls therein.
  4. Assess the appropriate valuation of a new venture at multiple points along its path.


Publication Date: February 2023
LBS Case Code: CS-22-012
Subjects: , , , , ,
Geography: ,
Pages: 9
Format: pdf