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CI&T Building an Entrepreneurial Management Model

By Julian Birkinshaw, Carolina Rossi Wosiack


The case study describes the growth of CI&T, from a start-up in Brazil to a 3,000+ person consulting firm with global reach in 2019. The case describes the stages of growth the company has been through over 25 years, focusing on both the market offering and the internal organisation structure/culture.

The case ends in 2019 with the founders facing decisions about their organisational structure, and specifically whether they need to ‘pull back’ to some degree from the entrepreneurial management model they have created.


Learning objectives

  1. What are the major transitions CI&T has gone through since founding?
  2. What are the specific elements of strategic and organisational change that the leadership team put in place during the period 2016-2019?
  3. Consider the situation in 2019. What new structural and leadership challenges has the new organisation created? What should the founders do to ensure the company continues to grow successfully?


Publication Date: June 2020
LBS Case Code: CS-20-009
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Pages: 13
Format: pdf