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BanaPads: To grow or not to grow? That is the question

By Luisa Alemany, Nicholas Andreou, Alma Gutierrez


In the summer of 2018, Richard Bbaale sat in a rural village in Uganda, looking over a banana plantation. He recalled the inspiration behind BanaPads as he contemplated what to do next. It had been 10 years since he had founded the non-governmental organisation (NGO) to help women and girls in rural settings overcome the challenges of menstruation – challenges that he had witnessed first as an older brother to his sister and then as a teacher at an all-girls’ school.

Learning objectives

  1. Recognise social issues and the utility of entrepreneurship in addressing them;
  2. Understand theory of change and impact management project dimensions as frameworks for analysing impact;
  3. Understand the alternative options facing the social entrepreneur and the trade-offs each involves;
  4. Identify ways to improve social impact while being financially sustainable
  5. Generate creative solutions; and
  6. Experience a key moment in the financing of a social startup and what it implies.


Publication Date: November 2019
LBS Case Code: CS-20-015
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Geography: ,
Pages: 21
Format: pdf